Why Swimming Pools Are Important For Collages

swimming pools for colleges

Imagine this: You hear the roaring of the crowd. You put your goggles into position on your face. Your coach slaps you on the back and says, “You’ve got this champ.” You get into position and “BAM!” You hear the signal to begin. As you jump into the pool, your whole body is engulfed in coldness. You push aside that thought because winning is the only thing that can take priority in this moment. As you swim towards the edge of the pool, you tune out the entire crowd and everything around you. Stroke, push, breath, repeat. You get to the edge of the pool and hear the buzzard. You look up and your coach is smiling in your face and giving you a hand to help you up.“You won!” they say. You’ll never forget this feeling. It’s incomparable.

For many, swimming in high school is one of the most important things in life. Through swimming, like many other sports, it is a way for someone to make it to college. The average number of scholarships per team in the U.S. according to scholarship stats is $17,000. This amount has the potential to change lives!

As much as the athlete is important to the sport, so is the equipment that they use. For a swimmer, this includes the swimming pool with the equipments like best pool filter and pump. Seventy-five feet of chlorine infused water. It can make or break a swimmer’s career. For high schoolers, this is really important. All that they need is a chance to prove to others that they are very much worth it.

For those who are given the chance by someone who sees potential in a high school swimmer and who has been assisted and pushed into the right direction all the way into college, then it is here that they have the potential to make a name for themselves and live an honest life through a college career. A good swimming pool will allow a swimmer to further their education and it gives them the means to help pay for it. Competitive swimming stresses physical conditioning, skill development and training strategies. It’s of the utmost importance for many to have in their lives great swimming pools during their college careers. In this halloween season of 2018, pools can be a great place of party but before starting the party you  must ensure that you have a hygienic pool with free of dust and debris. For this purpose, you must need to buy a good pool vacuum for your pool cleanliness. Here are the list of top 5 pool cleaners for this halloween year where you can consider your desired cleaner at affordable price.



A swimming pool can not only help swimmers but other athletes as well. Many can benefit from a pool in their road to recovery from an injury. Physical therapy often takes place in pools and it is a great way in helping people get back to their healthy selves.

Not only does swimming in pools have millions of perks for professional college swimmers and athletes, but the average public is benefited as well. For example, it is a means of exercise for many. Some may not feel comfortable exercising in other ways and pools are a great alternative for other sports. It’s a casual and fun way to stay healthy with friends or it can even be done by you. Swimming pools offer a means of positive social interaction where friends can meet up and do a few laps around the pool together, help teach one another new swimming techniques, or simply swim around and have a grand old time together. A swimming pool is just as appealing to a teenager just entering college and to older, more mature college students. It’s a place for anyone and everyone to come together and be themselves.

College students can also benefit from their local pool by taking lifeguard lessons here. The pool can be used to teach new students and/or help current lifeguards touch up on their skills as the summer approaches. Being a lifeguard also offers a means of paying for bills which is a great way for college students to live by.

Pool facilities also offer another great source of employment for college students. The amount of possibilities for employment is nearly endless. Check-in workers, lifeguards, teachers for swimming lessons, concession workers, and the list go on. Countless aquatic programs could also be provided for students all that aim to make the college community a better place.

People with disabilities also benefit from pools. This could be the site of social interaction, physical therapy, or this could even serve as a fun and safe way for them to be themselves. home garden supply catalog says swimming as a hobby leaves people with a positive feeling that improves mental health. According to the Shepherd Center, the soothing effects of the water can help benefit people with disabilities such as spinal cord injuries or people with mobility issues. Pools offer a great way for anyone to feel at home within their community.

Pools are also important during winter months when outdoor activities become difficult to pursue for college students. When every field is closed off due to snow or because the temperature outside drops, a pool is always there for anyone to help maintain a good level of exercise and health. Even in the summer, pools are a great way to cool down and enjoy some refreshing time away from the heat of the summer. It gets college students away from their phones, technology, or demanding school activities, even if it is for a little while.

Swimming is also one of the best low impact exercises there is. You are able to get a high-quality workout while minimizing stress on joints. Healthy exercise is key for a good life. Pools can also be a matter of convenience. This is where you can fit in a number of different workouts into a single place. Exercise experts agree that swimming is a great exercise for people of all ages.

There are a number of health benefits for anyone who decides that swimming in pools is right for them! Swimming provides cardiovascular condition, lean muscles, increased flexibility, and endurance. Swimming is the type of exercise that burns the most calories and can be carried out for at least 30 minutes, several times a week for a benefit to your entire body, such as recommended by the American Heart Association. Pools offer a great way to lose weight and be healthy in the right way. No matter what age you are, swimming is an important skill to have. Whether a college student wants to take up the hobby of learning how to swim and maintain a level of fitness or a professional swimming athlete, pools are an important addition to any college community. Pools help and benefit so many people it’s incredible to see the extent of their power.

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